Beano Studios

The content team is a multi-disciplined agile production unit charged with creating a high volume of highly targeted, relevant and engaging multi-format content (videos, games, quizzes, listicles, polls) designed to entertain kids across the UK every single day. We describe as a daily feed of fun – the content never stops, with an epic volume of LOL-laden videos, quizzes, lists and games that serve to create a safe online digital playground for 6-12-year-olds.

Editorial decisions are driven by a kid audience who no other publisher reaches with the same accuracy, data expertise, safety or regularity in a highly regulated, “zero-data” kids digital market. The team synthesise 1st and 3rd party data, and Beano’s unique ethnography and “offline analytics” in the form of regular schools visits, UX/content testing and weekly in-depth interactions with the Beano Trendspotters.

2017 had been a strong first year.

But 2018 was next level.

It was all about increasing growth without increasing budgets.

About more new users, coming more often, and for longer.

About entering the US market for the first time.

And about creating increased commercial opportunities through partnerships and branded content.

In the UK this led to being the fastest growing kids’ website in 2018 (for the second consecutive year), with 185% increase in unique UK individuals coming to the site than 12 months ago. In the US, the strategy of understanding what resonates with American kids has delivered staggering results, with more than 450k now visiting the site each month – a dizzying increase of 2800%+ from 12 months earlier.

The year has added commercial projects to the busy team’s make-list, with projects with huge clients like the FA, ITV and mental health charity Young Minds spawning YouTube shows, original games, app content, social campaigns,

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