Beano Studios

In its 80th year, the grand old Beano brand built an extraordinary future in its new guise as a multi channel entertainment brand for kids globally.

Rapid digital growth in the UK and US, creating a unique commercial offering, TV show commissions and global sales, and massive UK reappraisal in its 80th birthday year were its objectives.

It went well:

It built a unique data platform, The Beano Brain, to drive all its growth

It was the fastest growing UK kids digital destination for the second year in a row, including YOY organic growth of 1118%.

It grew an audience in the US of +2800% YOY, as big as its UK audience, without any of the UK’s Beano brand awareness

It sold TV shows to 25 international territories and got an international Emmy nomination.

It got a new TV commission based on the success and content of its digital proposition.

It 10X-ed its digital revenues.

It grew print sales of the birthday boy Beano comic by 10% for the second year in a row in a market which declined once again.

It engaged over 1m people, including around 800,000 children, in live events.

It relaunched the Dennis the Menace Fan Club to a brand new digital audience.

It created breakthrough content and campaigns for kids’ mental health with Young Minds

It attracted 2200+ articles and 749 broadcast pieces for its birthday

It did the Apprentice’s first ever AR challenge.

It trended all day on Twitter, twice.

It got tweeted by Prince Charles.

And most importantly, it threatened Jacob Rees Mogg with draconian legal action.

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