Contextual Moments: A World-First In Advertising For Linear TV

Channel 4 Television


Channel 4 have created Contextual Moments, a world first tool which uses AI and machine learning to automatically find valuable contextual opportunities in our content which advertisers want to appear next to. For example, if 8 minutes into Made in Chelsea two characters are jogging, in the next ad break we’ll show and ad for FitBit.

Channel 4’s Data Science team created this in-house build product which can rapidly and accurately detect these moments across multiple categories. We then ran a trial on this product with four brands to deliver a world first on linear TV.

The results of this trial were astounding. We managed to deliver more than 200 AI driven contextually targeted spots on linear TV. In addition, we undertook three different research studies which demonstrated advertising in this way delivers enhanced advertising performance. These studies not only showed that advertising this way boosts brand metrics such as relevance, awareness and purchase consideration; but it also went further and demonstrated how contextual targeting has an effect on the brain and why it works so well.

The product was created by Channel 4’s Data Science team in partnership with C4 Sales in order to defend and grow our revenues, and because we can capitalise on the rich video content that TV delivers.

Contextual Moments is forecast to deliver significant revenue to C4 in 2019 and has already gained Channel 4 much attention as it seeks to stay on top of a shifting and changing advertising ecosystem.

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