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Culture Trip is a global start-up operating in travel, media and entertainment. It publishes on its website and app stories that reveal what is special and unique about a place, its people and its culture. The editorial team is united by a common vision - to share stories that delve into the richness of cultures and diversity across the world and share them with everyone.

Culture Trip is creating a model capable of cracking two great challenges relating to content online. The first is finding a way to generate quality, creative content consistently and at mass scale (well over 1,000 articles a month), and the second is driving and attributing direct commercial value as users consume that content.

Culture Trip’s editorial team has been focusing its efforts over the last two years on growing its audience. It has very successfully achieved this, nearly doubling its monthly unique visitors to more than 18m. Now it’s about looking at various revenue streams such as branded content, syndication and allowing people to move from engaging with the inspiration stories on Culture Trip to actually making a transaction through the site and app, such as booking a place to stay or experience.

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