Cyclist Track Days 2018

Dennis Publishing


Cyclist magazine focuses on the premium road cycling market, showcasing the world’s best machines and inspiring readers to take their passion and explore some of the most scenic and classic cycling routes across the globe. Bikes typically reviewed cost upwards of £2,500, all the way to £25,000, and knowing that 81% of the Cyclist audience is ABC1, we wanted to create an engaging, experiential cycling event for both the target audience and our sponsors/advertisers.
While individual manufacturers hold demo days throughout the year, allowing cyclists to test their brand, riders aren’t necessarily able to compare multiple brands side by side, under the same conditions. Combine this with the increase in the number of bicycle purchases being made online - with buyers often not even being able to properly try the bike before parting with thousands of pounds - and you can see why Cyclist Track Days were created.

Cyclist Track Days are truly a ground-breaking “industry first”. Manufacturers increasingly see them as essential because they get riders on bikes, rather than just admiring them on a page, screen or at a trade show, effectively delivering real engagement and commercial lead generation. All this with the knowledge that the Cyclist team will manage the logistics, marketing and audience delivery. Cyclists, meanwhile, are keen to attend because they get to try the world’s best bikes, asking all the necessary questions, within an enjoyable and unpressurised environment, with the bonus chatting to the Cyclist team.

2018 saw the series grow for the third year running, with 4 event days spread across the country (Castle Combe, York and 2 x days in London, up from just one day in London in 2016). This expansion has been matched by year-on-year growth on all fronts: number of brands attending, ticket sales, overall revenues and profitability.

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