Driving awareness and consideration for the newly launched Bose noise-masking Sleepbuds, powered by Search Intelligence

Captify, MediaCom & Bose


In 2018, Bose once again launched a completely new product - ‘Bose noise-masking Sleepbuds’, designed to help people sleep better. This was Bose’s first entry in the wellness realm, which has recently exploded in size with the intersection of technology and sleep. The objectives were to raise mass awareness and drive quality traffic across 3 European markets; UK, FR & DE.

Bose’s target was high-income audiences with noise-related sleep issues, from snoring partners, hotel disturbance to irregular street noise. Utilising Search Intelligence, Captify and Mediacom created unique audience whitespaces through search behaviours and revealed additional relevant upper-funnel audiences who were receptive to the message, including City Dwellers and Techies. Search being the best indicator of intent, Bose harnessed red-hot intent signals for sleep aids in real-time.

Captify then expanded reach through a holistic understanding of search journeys, uncovering intuitive and non-intuitive connections and lifestyle triggers that revealed product affinity. Hidden audiences included New Parents and Business Travellers, and interestingly moments such as New Pets. Through search connections and dynamic audience creation, Captify and Mediacom drove incremental reach and awareness at scale beyond expectations for Bose.

In collaboration with Mediacom, Captify activated a Search Intelligence powered fully-connected plan, with a range of bespoke formats to prospect and drive new consumers down the consideration funnel.

As well as high engagement, Bose saw a compelling search uplift; exposed users were up to 36X more likely to search for Sleepbuds compared to non-exposed users. Learnings and insights are now a crucial part of the ongoing partnership.

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