FT Multi-platform Audience Planning (with PwC)



The FT has a longstanding cultural commitment to transparency, evidenced in both its high-quality journalism and its commercial charter. The commercial charter sets out the standards the FT upholds for its advertising partners, covering areas such as user acceptance, viewability, ad fraud, audience segments, brand safety, pricing, reporting and verification, and customer service.

As part of this commitment to transparency, and wishing to clearly demonstrate the benefits to advertisers of the FT’s audience reach and quality, the FT commissioned PwC to develop the world’s first truly global cross-platform campaign planning tool.

The output - FT Multi-platform Audience Planning (MAP) is a genuine world first – a groundbreaking, innovative easy-to-use tool that enables marketers and media planners to accurately quantify a campaign’s global de-duplicated reach.

FT MAP successfully achieved its aim of enabling more effective and informed campaign planning. MAP allows marketers and planners to evaluate and quantify the reach of an advertising campaign, and to demonstrate the increase in reach by adding channels. The tool can be used to build reach and frequency reports, which can be split by audience and region, helping marketers to project the audience size of a campaign across specific demographic.

The tool has been successfully adopted by both the FT’s commercial and sales teams, with positive responses from advertisers and agencies alike.

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