How To Spend It

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How To Spend It magazine is a major profit centre for the Financial Times, accounting for half the ad revenue of the Saturday newspaper. Editorially it is the perfect yin to the newspaper’s yang: the newspaper gives indispensable news and analysis to the world’s business elite; we give them expert insights into myriad ways to enjoy their wealth. This in turn provides alternative revenue streams for the FT.

Despite 34 issues a year, our canny production schedule – 12 monthly magazines interspersed with 10 biannual themed issues, 4 annual themed issues and 8 Friday issues – ensures that each issue retains the calibre of a quality monthly – and provides the perfect environment for luxury advertisers. Our irregular (and unique) schedule (eg one issue in January, four in November) also ensures revenue opportunities are maximised.

Friday editions of a weekend colour magazine are also unique in this market. These account for 18% of our revenue. Overall, we saw a 4.9% increase in ad revenue on the previous record year. There was also a 5% uplift in sales of the FT every Saturday we appeared – no mean feat amidst increased competition and shrinking demand for print.

We may be in our 25th year, but we continue to innovate. 2018 saw a new themed issue – How To Trend It –predicting the most important breakthroughs in the luxury lifestyle space, from a motorbike that transforms into a helicopter and kinetic homes that rotate with the sun to beauty products that reverse the ageing process and a television that’s invisible when switched off.

Our oversized (and now much-copied) format has also had a design refresh, updating the aesthetic while maintaining the design paradigm readers love. The grids have been strengthened, the logo modernised, the colour palette pared back and typefaces reviewed for elegance and readability.

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