If Monopoly was real life

Jungle Creations


Jungle Creations teamed up with OMD UK and Hasbro to produce a humorous video that would shift perceptions of the Monopoly game, making light of the perceived barriers to playing the board game, bringing it top of mind and encouraging families to make time to play together over the Christmas period.

We aimed to produce a relatable video that would generate mass engagement on Facebook by playing on the most well-known scenarios that arise during a game of Monopoly. By highlighting common types of players through characters who viewers would relate to and recognise in their own families, we encouraged people to share the content and tag their friends and family.

To re-energise people's love for the Monopoly game we created ‘If Monopoly was real life’, a satirical video that followed the police interrogation of the Simmons family, who have been brought in for questioning to determine who has robbed the bank. Produced by Jungle Creations’ in-house creative agency and distributed to its flagship Facebook community, ‘VT’, the video generated 5.2 million views, 50,500 shares, 12,000 comments and 190,000 engagements, 5x the number of guaranteed views.

The comments were overwhelmingly positive including: ’Ready for Christmas? Dad is going down this year!, ‘Almost tore us apart this game, we need to play again. Only if Will promises not to go in a huff’ 😂😂’, ‘I’ve never laughed so hard at an ad before’ and ‘This is probably the only ad I wasn’t mad watching.’ The campaign also received widespread industry recognition, with AdAge featuring the video as its Editor’s Pick and in their 'Top 5 most creative ideas you have to know about now', Video Ad News selected it as its ‘Ad of the Week’ and Creative Moment reviewed the campaign giving it 5/5 stars.

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