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Informative, Beautiful, Local: In a world that is rapidly moving towards global media sources, OX is proud to call ourselves local. Our products are not only effective, prestigious and beautiful, but also have a strong regional grounding – and we don’t just produce magazines for our areas, we immerse ourselves in the local community. We tirelessly cover an area that is renowned for its wealth, prestige, beauty and talent. It would be easy to produce an ordinary luxury lifestyle magazine with the type of content that surrounds us. However, what our young, vibrant, politically- and commercially-aware team are dedicated to showing is the real Oxfordshire: the Oxfordshire of diversity, of eccentricities, of innovation and quirks. Our in-depth features, cutting-edge editorial and elegant presentation guide our sophisticated readers down yet-undiscovered avenues. We’re not Town and we’re not Gown, we’re not city and we’re not country – we’re OX Magazine. We partner with the best of the county’s literary festivals, from Thame to Blenheim, from Chipping Norton to Henley. We work closely with Artweeks, with the ATOM and IF science festivals, with Oxford International Women’s Festival as well as a host of country, food and sporting events so that whatever happens in Oxfordshire, you read about it in its most beautiful form.

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