Paul Ward

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Testimonial from Line Manager
“Since his first day on the floor, Paul has set out to consistently over achieve on every measurement we have. His approach to the job is one of great determination and passion and that is evident in the results he has achieved. He is one of the best examples I can offer you as someone who comes into this job and grabs every opportunity available to him in order to continually improve and learn.
His proactive, strategic and innovative approach has enabled us as a business to create and develop new markets, generating lucrative results for our business and most importantly our clients.
His amazing work, has not disappointed and he has been pivotal in turning around a declining market.

I will be the proudest manager to see his efforts recognized in winning this prestigious industry award recognizing all his hard work!

Oh, and did I forget to mention? He’s 23 years old.” Robina Shahid, Investment Director

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