Revealing the hidden web to deliver actionable insights

Permutive & Immediate Media


Immediate Media Co, the publisher behind specialist interest titles including BBC Good Food, Radio Times, Top Gear and MadeForMums, was reliant on a large proportion of its audience coming from Google and Facebook, as well as browsers such as Safari and Firefox which block third-party cookies by default. This hidden web traffic meant that Immediate was blind to an estimated 80% of traffic was across its network.

Immediate needed a real-time and first-party cookie solution to unlock its valuable audiences and provide advertisers with the scale they need.

Working with Permutive, the only publisher-focused Data Management Platform that allows publishers to analyse and activate their entire audience in real-time, Immediate now sees 80% of its audience; it has more targetable inventory; has seen an audience size increase from 80% to 230% for audiences using around 100 extra data points and a performance uplift with CTR an average of 132% compared with the incumbent segment.

This has resulted in an outstanding Q4 2018 Year-on-Year revenue increase of 135%.

Permutive has revealed the hidden web audience for Immediate and driven significant business gains.

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