Spotify: Turning Up the Volume on Better Advertising



Spotify is the world’s most popular music streaming service and the company uses its rich, first-party data and insights to connect the world’s largest brands and SMBs to the 116 million people globally using the Spotify free experience. This drives impact for brands, a great experience for fans and supports artists to produce great work.

To deliver on this opportunity for UK advertisers, and reach revenue targets, over the last year the UK ad sales team has been laser-focused on developing the diverse skill sets of its team. The arrival of Marco Bertozzi (20 year agency veteran) and Rak Patel (20 year sales veteran) saw the beginning of a revolution in the team’s approach and growth. Their goal was simple: create an effective and inclusive culture among the ad sales team in order to drive great outcomes for clients and positive growth for the business.

Focusing on team transformation has made Spotify an important and influential part of the UK media landscape. NPS scores are up significantly, campaign awards are flowing in, client retention rates are strong and revenue growth has been impressive. Now the UK advertising industry really has turned up the volume on better advertising with Spotify.

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