T Brand Studio International, The New York Times

T Brand Studio, The New York Times


T Brand Studio is the in-house brand marketing division of The New York Times. Set up in 2015 to cater to global clients, the international branch of the Studio consists of teams of pre-sale directors, producers, editors, designers, developers and audience developers. It is headquartered in London, with offices in Paris and Hong Kong, and services clients outside the U.S., including Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia Pacific.

Using The NYT’s proven storytelling recipe, we adopt a journalistic approach and work with global brands to develop industry-leading branded content and strategy, creative and distribution. The international team is made of a mix of media professionals with journalistic and agency backgrounds. The 20+ staff speaks a dozen languages and come from different parts of the world, an invaluable asset for dealing with international clients and in the creation of authentic, localized content.

Our team has produced branded content on sectors from travel and tech to luxury and finance, and our short-term goal is to expand our global footprint. We also seek to challenge our creativity, and readily embrace new formats and creative approaches to guide our storytelling, whether it’s AR, VR, videos, animated illustrations or quizzes.

To date T Brand Studio International has launched more than 100 programs for global brands located in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Korea, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore and Australia. Our creative teams have told stories to audiences around the world, looking to us for our high-quality journalistic approach to storytelling.

A testament to our international work can also be seen in the number of returning clients, for which we've created significant partnerships, such as UBS, Cartier, Chaumet, Fairmont, Iberostar, Nestle Waters, Hennessy.

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