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Teads, The Global Media Platform looks to deliver an alternative for the media industry. Creating a single access point to the world’s best publishers for brands, so they can activate marketing campaigns at huge scale within professionally produced content. For clients and agencies alike, having a partner dedicated to clean advertising ecosystems, built around viewable and fraud free environments through a transparent buying model. Either activating video, display or performance campaigns, we are able to offer a full-funnel solution for clients.

Whether it’s through the Apple News app or on the BBC, Condé Nast, The Economist - we work exclusively with the UK’s top media brands to reach 90.4% of the online population in totally brand safe environments (measured by comScore Jan 2019). A step above Facebook’s 85.6%.

Our in house creative team, Teads Studio, delivers ads that are designed for maximum creative effectiveness wherever they are seen, whether it’s mobile, desktop or in-app.

This platform is encompassed by class leading AI, delivering what seems like an impossible trio of outcomes:

•Best possible revenue for publishers, enabling them to plan into the future with a sustainable business model.
•Reaching the right audience at the right reach and frequency for clients, whether it’s mass reach for FMCG or focused luxury brands.
•A seamless, non-interruptive user experience, for example only loading creatives that can work with the internet speed they have at that moment in time.

Whether you are a client, agency or publisher - Teads is the tech platform that guarantees the best possible outcomes for your business.

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