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Today in Focus (TiF) is the Guardian’s flagship daily news podcast hosted by former political editor Anushka Asthana. It launched on 1 November 2018 and is available to download from 3am every weekday from the Guardian website and podcast platforms.

With a strong history in podcasts, even coining the term ‘podcast’, the Guardian wanted to reach a wider, global and progressive, audience. We wanted to create a new daily listening habit, deepening our relationships and finding new audiences.

TiF deep dives into key stories, taking listeners behind the headlines on a wide range of topics. Highlights include A day of Brexit chaos; Why is Steve Bannon in Europe?; Is this the end for the Sicilian Mafia? and The Venezuela Crisis: can Maduro ride out Guaido’s challenge. TiF is engaging, relevant and agile - the team can tear up all plans to follow breaking news and get to the heart of the action: on the chaotic Brexit day of cabinet resignations, Anushka hot-footed it to Westminster to guide listeners through unfolding events.

TiF also explores a wide range of opinions from the Guardian’s best-known writers, including Polly Toynbee, John Harris, Gary Younge, Amelia Gentleman and Hadley Freeman.

TiF builds on the success of the Guardian’s established roster of popular podcasts including Football Weekly and Politics Weekly. We launched with ongoing sponsorship from Bose and have worked with Twinings and Nest.

Today in Focus has been an immediate success: in three months average daily listens have grown fivefold, with a 30% increase in the last month. The show is consistently in the UK’s top ten iTunes news podcast chart, and regularly in the top ten for all UK podcasts. With over 600 reviews it has a 5-star Apple Store rating and much praise for its accessible, informative and diverse content.

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