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Which? University (https://university.which.co.uk/) is a free website serving prospective students in the UK, allowing them to make informed higher education choices. It’s impartial, ad-free and is wholly funded by Which?’s commercial products and services.

Since £9,000+ tuition fees were introduced in 2012, we have helped millions of prospective students make the right decision for them about what to study and where.

In the past year we have undertaken two innovative data-driven projects to ensure prospective students can make the right choice about what to study and are well-prepared for managing the day-to-day costs of university life.

We redesigned our 30,000+ course pages; packaging together a large number of datasets - from graduate employability to student satisfaction statistics - in an engaging and digestible way for students. The pages also provide practical advice to help make sense of the numbers, and tailored onward journeys for users to continue exploring, or discover alternative courses. The results? Users are bouncing off the site far less, browsing more pages and staying on pages for longer.

After a Which? survey of undergraduate students showed 40% found their living costs were higher than expected, we created a student budget calculator tool; a brand-new initiative providing indicative student living costs at nearly every university and college across the UK. The tool uses data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), Spareroom, the census and more. Users select a university to get an idea of average living costs and can further personalise based on known costs and whether they’re planning to be a high/average/low spender across various categories. After nine months, the student budget calculator is established as one of the most viewed pages on the website, with around 80% of students and parents telling us they found the calculator useful.


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